Monday, October 13, 2014

Summary of Last Week

Summary of last week's Preschool; how we began:

Last Wednesday, we began to put up the "Preschool Wall" and try to see where Katie is on each category that I put up.

The introductory shapes that they use in Kindergarten, such as rectangles, squares, diamonds, hearts, circles, triangles and octogons, were all instantly recognized and recited as I put them onto the wall. I had no idea she knew all the shapes already (I knew she could say circle and square, but not all of them).

She knew all the alphabet letters, and when I request her to point to a letter, she can pick them all out. I've begun to show her Leapfrog's Talking Word Factory as part of her schooling to help learn the vowels and the letter sounds, along with how to make simle words. We'll continue to build on this all year.

I put up the numbers 1-10, but they were too easy for her. She can recognize each number and count them. She even does a good job of doing it backwards. So I put up 11-20. She can count them, but not backwards and she gets mixed up on which one is 16-18 visually.

We put up thte stoplight colors to play games with. She knows that red means stop, yellow means slow, and green means go.

Katie enjoys the 7 days of the week song, but doesn't know all the names yet as we never worked on them yet. She does know there are 7 days and loves Saturdays. lol

We've been spelling her name - she recognizes her name when it's written and can spell it while looking at it. We're going to start working with her hand writing soon.

She loves the weather. She knows all of them already, but enjoys the daily task of looking outside, declaring what it is, and then putting the correct weather picture up. I plan to start teaching her the types of clouds later this year.

After the wall, she also watches Leapfrog's starter math movie. She begs me for her "numbers movie" often.

We then read aloud - her favorite book to read right now is "If You Were A Penguin". She gets her penguin puppet out and acts out the whole book. We usually go through it three times, pointing out different things about it. At the end, there are a few pages of extra facts about penguins that we go through as well.

We do Latin songs every other day. One song is done each time until she has it down perfectly. She loves to learn through singing!

That's so far the extent of what we've begun. Throughout this week, I'll be continually adding to the wall to see where she is in other subjects.

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