Friday, October 17, 2014

Blue Day

Katie has known her colors up, down, backwards and sideways for over a year. It was the first thing I taught her, the first thing she really enjoyed learning. She still loves to discuss colors. So after our standard preschool wall activities, we decided to have color days. Today is Blue Day.

For Blue Day, we scouted all over the house finding anything blue. Toys, papers, purses, movie box covers, food containers, even Will's little blue band aid from his shots...absolutely anything blue. Katie LOVED scouting out everything for any shade of blue!

We stayed in theme through lunch, having Blueberry pancakes, which we ate with blue utensils and her blue juice cup while watching Blue's Clues.

Katie had so much fun with this that I plan to do a new color at least once a week. 

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