Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Imagination Project: Christmas Tree!

We got another large box in the mail (something we get twice a month) and this one became a felt Christmas tree! Katie can decorate and redecorate the tree over and over again.

We cut out a Christmas tree shape from the cardboard box, reinforced it, covered it with green felt and glued it together. Then we spent about 20 minutes making Christmas lightbulbs, glittery balls and fun ornaments from felt.

I sewed together a "gift" looking envelope to put all the ornaments in when not in use.

Week 5

Week Five was a BIG week for our Homeschooling Wall, which Katie and I are customizing together.

We got loads of homeschooling supplies from my mother and hung up everything from new Weather signs, charts of the presidents, periodic table, planets, countries/continents, and the United States, to outer space cut outs.

I also completely redid our downstairs bookshelves. Now we have a Homeschooling shelf with all the books for me and her that we need, and a bottom shelf to house our new tote full of musical instruments that came from an elementary school (and are the same kind I played with in my elementary school!)

This is only the beginning of what I'm going to be getting from my mother's old homeschooling supplies, but it's really exciting to have! Katie loved helping to decorate - especially when I gave her some dinosaur cut outs to put up!

Here's what the wall is looking like now: