Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday of Week 2

Today we started school again. We didn't do it on Saturday or Sunday, so I wanted to see how much she retained of the wall after a break. She had no trouble doing everything today that she did on Friday.

We took her to a pumpkin patch yesterday, and decided to make a project out of her pumpkin. I opened the top and let her touch all the gooey "pumpkin guts". We talked about the seeds and how to make pumpkins grow. We saved some so we can plant a few in the yard when it stops raining. We'll be baking the rest of the pumpkin insides later.

We decided to make a pumpkin house for Tinkerbell, then drew shapes on the pumpkins (She told me what to do for the door and windows, and then I cut them out)

Of course, since we love getting girly, we added glitter swirls all over it as well.

Then we got really creative and started to imagine all the things that a house would need.

Then we moved in Tinkerbell!

And then moved the whole thing outside...after topping it with a crown!

Lessons Learned:
  • What the inside of a pumpkin looks like
  • What seeds are for and what they do
  • Shapes
  • Imaginative Play and Decorating

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