Monday, October 13, 2014

Katie Starting Preschool

While Katie has been doing Preschool learning for well over a year now, I decided to do a more formal preschool this year. Everything is hands on and fun, full of activities, songs, colors and movement!

We started last week with the basics. Our living room now has a "Preschool Wall", where all of her current daily work is. As I found out while putting each activity up, she already knows all of these things, so we're learning them in different ways. She already knows how to count to at least 25, so now we're learning simple math with small numbers and how to count backwards and by 5's, 10's, etc. She knows her alphabet, so we'll be starting how to sound out words and read small books. She knows all of her standard shapes, so we'll be working with shapes that are more than just rectangles, diamonds, octogons, etc. We're working on spelling and writing her name, the days of the week, and weather, along with reading out loud, imagination time, song school Latin and music time. Our days have been filled with excitement, as Katie so enjoys learning something new.

I've decided to record what she's learning and how far she's getting so I have a clear memory of her progress and what we've gone over already. This year is going to be very entertaining and fun!

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